“Therapy is about collaborating in your process to find the peace you seek.”    I am both caring and effective. The journey to discovering and understanding your emotional needs, and “self” are sacred. I consider it a privilege to be invited to take that walk with you.” We make time for everything else in our… Read more »

 “First, we must be honest with where we are … to clearly understand how to get to the place we want to be.”   Are you fighting all the time? Do you just want to be heard? Is there something you’re not saying to your partner? How are you connecting emotionally? How is your sex… Read more »

Working with clients who have a history of chemical dependency or substance abuse has been very rewarding for me. I only accept clients who are either in recovery or ready to admit to their addiction. In counseling sessions we will work together to create and maintain evolving support systems in your life while we work… Read more »

Some of the approaches I specialize in for stress management are…  Mindfulness Therapy “Stress Response” Reduction Techniques  Anxiety Reduction Techniques Jeffree Gars is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has been studying the “stress response” and its long term effects on the human body and mind for 30 plus years and teaches many stress management techniques to… Read more »