Adolescence┬ácan be a difficult stage in life as they are going through their process of “individuation”. Adolescents face increased academic and social pressures just at a time when they are often less open to parental advice. For effective therapy it is paramount that the adolescent and the psychotherapist have a good rapport. I can provide an adolescent with the needed emotional support in an honest, non-judgmental professional setting. Therapy provides an opportunity for adolescents to work through difficult feelings, deal with their obstacles, reflect on and change their unwanted behaviors, learn how to attain their goals, learn how to regulate their emotions and understand how to get their needs met in a healthy way. Some adolescents just need a little help to get back on track and others may require more.

I Counsel Adolescents for:

Anxiety and Fear
Depression and Irritability
Anger and Aggression
Low Academic Effort
Oppositional Behavior and Conduct Problems
Alcohol and Drug Use
Abuse and Trauma
Conflicts with Parents (including Family Sessions)