From Professional Psychotherapists and Colleagues

Jeffree Gars, LCSW, DC  is a seasoned professional who loves his work, succeeds at engaging both the non-verbal and expressive adolescent, especially boys, and provides parents concrete ideas to enhance that much sought after parent/child “fit.”  Puts folks at ease and his comfort with a body/mind perspective lends a depth and understanding which is hard to find.  Highly recommended.

Polly Hart, LCSW, BCD

I gladly endorse Jeffree Gars, LCSW, DC  as a psychotherapist. He is passionate about working with adult individuals and adolescents. He is easy to talk to, well liked both by his colleagues and clients and very well educated.  He is a great role model for adolescent boys and a wonderful support system for those he serves.

Carrie Heller, LCSW, RPT

Jeffree Gars is one of the most sincere and empathic psychotherapists I know. He has a powerful ability and commitment to truly connect with his client’s heart-to-heart and in the context of a mutually respectful and authentic professional relationship.

As a seasoned chiropractor in addition to being a psychotherapist, Jeff has a unique approach to personal healing and evolution that integrates body, mind and spirit.  I highly recommend you put him on your “short list” of ethical and capable psychotherapists!

Tony Rooney, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

It is a pleasure to write about Jeffree Gars.  As a colleague, I trust in his professionalism and ability to serve a vast range of people and their issues.

He has worked on himself profoundly and brings this self-knowledge to his clients.  He also brings an expertise of body/mind awareness and knowledge.  He brings a unique approach in his extensive understanding of the medical implications of the body/brain connection and techniques to enhance holistic functioning.

Jeff Gars is also excellent at relating with adolescent boys.  He has a way of connecting on a deep level in which adolescents feel respected and seen and related to.  From this bridge, he is able to guide them in ways that often adults do not win their trust.  If I had an adolescent son,  I wouldn’t be able to think of a better therapist for him.

Jeff brings this same ability to really talk with anyone. He offers a sense of safety and connection. He is a very deep person and is also exceptionally open and loving.  He offers everyone his depth and warmth.  He also knows how to integrate humor into his connections so that there is a lightening up as well as a going deep. I highly recommend Jeffree Gars with great enthusiasm and ease.

Deva Joy Gouss, LCSW

I am writing at the bequest of my long term friend and colleague, Dr. Jeffree Gars, LCSW, DC.  In his forties, having been a successful chiropractor for decades, Dr. Gars took the advice of many of his patients and became an LCSW, so he could advance his mind-body work to a new level of efficacy, to be able to approach imbalances of the mind that began in the body, and imbalances in the body that originated in the mind.

His informal style is very appealing to adolescents.  They come in expecting to find a cold professional looking down his nose at them from behind his desk, but instead, they find a warm caring experienced helper ready to meet them eye to eye, heart to heart.

Jeff’s experience as a husband and father with adult children, prepare him to serve couples and families in need of some guidance and learning.  Complex family dynamics require a calm confident presence which Dr. Gars maintains effortlessly as tensions inevitably build before understanding, validation, and subsequent reintegration can occur.

People who sit down with Dr. Gars, seeking to find more happiness, meaning, and peace in their lives, will find a sensitive, genuinely caring professional, with decades of experience, and a depth and breadth of knowledge of healing both the mind and body, seldom found among professional helpers anywhere.  I can endorse him without reservation, and I know him as well as anyone on both a personal and professional level.

David T. Busch, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist